The object of these Bye-Laws is to ensure the quiet use, peaceful enjoyment and beauty of the Gardens.

  1. Access

    This is a private garden managed under the terms of the Kensington Improvement Act, 1851. It is for the use of garden ratepayers and accompanied guests only. Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. Games

    No football, cricket or any other kind of ball games are allowed in the garden. No Frisbees may be used. The throwing of stones and gravel is prohibited. Bicycles and tricycles ridden by young children who are properly supervised are permitted. This cycling is to be restricted to the paths. Riding on the lawns is forbidden.
  3. Animals

    Dogs must be kept on a lead or under close supervision. Dog handlers must clear up and dispose of any mess their dog makes. All dog owners must register their dog with the Garden Committee.
  4. Damage

    No person shall damage or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers or the lawns, nor any of the railings, gates or seats. Climbing the trees, railings, gates or gazebo is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to walk in the flower beds in the garden. Any person found responsible for causing damage will be called to account and may be excluded from the garden. Graffiti is unacceptable.
  5. Noise and Disturbance

    Noisy disorderly conduct likely to annoy residents or interfere with the quiet use and enjoyment of the garden is prohibited. The use of fireworks is prohibited.
  6. Litter and rubbish

    No person shall leave litter or rubbish in the garden.
  7. Gates

    The gates must be closed and locked at all times after use.
  8. Contractors

    Except with the express permission of our Managing Agent (please see the gates for contact details) no contractor or builder may use the garden for access or storage.
  9. Private Parties and Barbecues

    Parties of more than 8 (eight) people are forbidden unless prior permission is given by the Garden Committee. The telephone numbers to obtain permission are shown on the garden notice board. Barbecues are permissible only when situated on the gravel path area and must be supervised at all times. The barbecue must never be any where near the gazebo. Courtesy must be shown to all residents, with regard to barbecue smoke and smells.
  10. Private Property

    All private property must be removed from the garden after use. This includes all toys, private garden furniture, and barbecues.
  11. The Gardeners

    Those using the garden must not interfere with the work of the gardeners.
  12. All pre-existing bye-laws relating to the gardens are revoked.
  13. The Garden Committee may, at its discretion, ban from the garden anyone who wilfully breaches any of the Bye-Laws.

Trespassing is prohibited.

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